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Want to WIN a FULL REFUND of your order?

Here is what you need to do....

1. Leave us a review on your purchase. Every review we receive helps us and our business grow.
2. Follow us on whatever social media platform you prefer .... or both. This is where we will announce the winners weekly.

Here are the rules:
Every week we will pick ONE order to be refunded. Once we pick the winner we will announce it on our social medias in a post. You will have the following 7 days (until the next winner is announced) to claim your refund.

What order qualify and when?
All orders from 6/15/24 and on will qualify to win.
Orders placed the 1st -7th day of the month are in week 1
Orders placed the 8th -14th day of the month are in week 2
Orders placed the 15th -21st day of the month are in week 3
Orders placed the 22nd -the last day of the month are in week 4
Example on when we will announce orders and what orders qualify to win:
We will pull all orders 6/15/24 - 6/21/24 and announce the winner during the week of 7/15/24.
Ex: If you purchased on 7/20/24 your winning week to check would be 8/15/24.

How to claim:
Once we announce the winner you will have 7 days to claim your refund. Please email shopDanielleandCo@gmail.com with the following info:
Your full name (or the name you used when checking out)
Your full shipping address so we can verify that you are winner we are looking for and not someone trying to scam me into a refund

Follow us on social media. Leave a review. Check weekly, around 1 month after you purchased to see if you won. Follow the steps above to claim your refund.