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Bottle Label - Dune 🌟3 Pack

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Band Style: Straight

Sku: DUNE - S

3 Pack of Dune Labels
Peony, Caramel, Ivory

Our silicone bottle labels are made with stretchy food grade silicone.
Perfect for baby bottles, sippy cups, water bottles or even to label those BBQ condiment bottles.
Each label is approx 2.2 inches in diameter but stretches to fit *most* bottles.
Dishwasher : top rack safe
Bottle labels are NOT toys. Please do not leave loose labels unattended with baby or child.
Font mock ups can be found here:

A few FAQ we get daily. For a complete list of FAQs please see our shop homepage and go to our FAQ section:

Will these fit ______ bottles/sippies?
We have ordered and tried various bottles and sippies but we could not try them all. Labels, at rest, are a bit over 2 inches in diameter and will stretch to about 4 inches. The more the stretch the more stretched out the name will be.
These labels will NOT fit the 4oz small Dr. Browns bottles (yes to the 8oz ones).
Please look through our reviews as many of of customers notate which bottles or sippies these have worked on.

Can I do a different name on each label?
On Etsy you can do 1 name/1 font per 3 pack. We do multiple names on our personal site (same name dot com). Doing full names (first & last) is ok as long as it's on all 3 labels.

Will each name be perfectly centered/straight?
We center them as much as possible. Many factors go into how the name engraves as in the way the name is, font chosen and most importantly that I am a human and not perfect (shhh don't tell my husband). The other main factor is that even when I may put the name perfect a laser works by using mirrors and a camera to place the image (in this case the name) on the label from a computer program. All that to say, we cannot guarantee any name to be perfect, but we do guarantee that the name will be legible and the label will be able to serve its purpose.

Can I use dry erase markers for date, etc?
Yes. Marker will wash/wipe off.

Laser Products have black "dirt". How can I clean?
Dish soap (dawn) and hot water should be tried first. Some spots are tougher though so take a bit of rubbing alcohol and a qtip to those spots and they will remove easily.

Will “X” name fit?

We can fit pretty much any/all length names. However please keep in mind the longer the name(s) you use the smaller the text will have to be to fit. We only have a certain amount of space we can use to laser. Also, when adding a graphic item with your name will factor into this as well.

Please note: All monitors and screens will shows colors differently. If there is a color you are questioning please feel free to message us and we can clarify colors for you. Example: peony and rose are various shades of pink, lavender and grape are various shades of purple, etc.

***Packaging may differ than what is shown. We are always looking for new/different packaging and can never guarantee the packaging shown in the photos***

Please note: Lots of factors play into how a name will engrave. A few of those factors are font choice, name length and color of the band. If you have any questions prior to ordering about what will work best please reach out before ordering.

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