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Terms and FAQ


I stand by my products and their safety 100%. However, like everything, there are safety precautions to my products. 
They are as followed:


• Please spot/pull check products before each use and immediately dispose of product at any sign of wear and tear or breaking.

• You assume the risks and warnings above by purchasing. We cannot be held responsible for injury and/or death from improper use of product.


Danielle & Co. products have been CPSC tested to CPSIA standards for chemical and use and abuse.

Product Info:


• Food Grade Silicone or Medical Grade Silicone (OLI)
• 100% Non-toxic • BPA Free
• Lead Free • Mercury Free • Phthalates Free
• Cadmium Free • FDA Approved 



All packages are shipped within 3-5 business days via usps. Please give 24 hours after shipping notification to start seeing updates.

If you believe your package is lost or hasn't moved from one of the usps facilities, I urge you to contact usps (via website 'contact us' button) and start an inquiry using your tracking info. This usually jumps starts the package back onto it's journey.

If your package gets returned back to us we will refund your order MINUS shipping paid.


If your package was marked DELIVERED but you feel as though it wasn't please contact USPS for GPS coordinates for the delivery. If GPS coordinates match your location please file a stolen mail police report as mail theft is a serious crime.



We accept cancellations up to 3 hours after purchase unless otherwise specified.

Due to the nature of the product and personalization of our products I do not accept returns.